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Looking to finance your dream home? Quicken Loans may be on your radar. As you explore your options, it’s important to take a closer look at Quicken Loans reviews and customer feedback. This will help you make an informed decision about whether Quicken Loans is the right mortgage lender for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Quicken Loans has received mixed reviews from customers, highlighting both positive experiences and challenges.
  • Customers appreciate the easy and fast process of obtaining a mortgage and the helpfulness of the staff.
  • However, some customers have faced difficulties with refinancing and encountered issues with underwriting.
  • It is crucial to thoroughly research and consider Quicken Loans, along with other lenders, to find the best fit for your needs.
  • Exploring various sources of reviews and feedback can provide a comprehensive view of Quicken Loans’ reputation.

Quicken Loans Testimonials – What Customers Are Saying

When it comes to customer testimonials, Quicken Loans has received high praise for its exceptional service and efficient mortgage process. Customers have expressed their satisfaction with the professionalism and knowledge of the loan officers who guided them through the home buying journey. One customer stated, “The loan officer at Quicken Loans was incredibly helpful and made the entire process smooth and stress-free.”

Another aspect that customers appreciate is the ease of refinancing offered by Quicken Loans. Many have shared their positive experiences of successfully refinancing their homes with Quicken Loans, emphasizing the user-friendly interface and the helpfulness of the staff. A satisfied customer shared, “I was able to refinance my mortgage quickly and effortlessly with Quicken Loans. The staff was friendly and accommodating, making the entire process a breeze.”

These testimonials reflect the positive experiences of customers who have benefited from Quicken Loans’ commitment to providing excellent customer service. The seamless mortgage process and the helpfulness of the loan officers have left a lasting impression on these customers. It is clear that Quicken Loans has successfully met the needs of many individuals looking for reliable and efficient mortgage services.

Positive Testimonials Negative Testimonials
Quick and easy process Challenges with refinancing
Informative and helpful staff Issues with underwriting
Excellent customer service Setbacks in the process

The table above summarizes the main positive and negative aspects mentioned in customer testimonials. While the majority of testimonials express satisfaction with the mortgage process and the service provided by Quicken Loans, it is important to note that some customers faced challenges with refinancing and experienced setbacks in the process. This indicates that while Quicken Loans has received positive feedback overall, there are still areas for improvement.

Quicken Loans Ratings and Customer Satisfaction

When considering Quicken Loans as a mortgage lender, it’s crucial to look at the ratings and customer satisfaction to get a comprehensive understanding of their reputation. While some customers have given high ratings and expressed satisfaction with their experience, there are also complaints that highlight areas of concern.

Customers who have had positive experiences with Quicken Loans appreciate the efficient and streamlined process of obtaining a mortgage. They have praised the company for its helpful and informative staff who guide them through the entire process. However, not all customers have had the same positive experience.

“I had difficulties with the underwriting process and faced setbacks in getting my desired loan. It was a frustrating experience,” one customer stated.

These complaints and negative experiences indicate that Quicken Loans may not be the right fit for everyone. It’s important for potential borrowers to thoroughly research and consider all aspects of the mortgage process, including potential challenges they may face with Quicken Loans.

Customer Ratings

Rating Number of Reviews
5 stars 112
4 stars 58
3 stars 27
2 stars 16
1 star 41

The table above shows a breakdown of customer ratings for Quicken Loans. While there are a significant number of 5-star ratings, there are also a considerable number of negative ratings. It’s important to consider both the positive and negative ratings to form an accurate assessment of Quicken Loans’ customer satisfaction.

Ultimately, potential borrowers should carefully weigh the reviews, ratings, and complaints surrounding Quicken Loans against their own needs and preferences. Thorough research and consideration of all available information will help ensure a successful mortgage experience.

Is Quicken Loans Reliable? A Closer Look at the Mortgage Process

Quicken Loans offers a simplified mortgage process through their online platform called Rocket Mortgage. With their emphasis on a quick and easy experience, they have gained popularity among borrowers. The ability to make bi-weekly payments and their various refinancing options are additional features that attract potential customers. However, it is important to note that customer experiences with Quicken Loans can vary.

Some customers have expressed satisfaction with the streamlined process and the convenience of applying for a mortgage online. They appreciate the user-friendly interface and the ability to track the progress of their application. These positive reviews highlight the effectiveness of Quicken Loans’ mortgage process for many borrowers.

“The mortgage process with Quicken Loans was smooth and hassle-free. I applied online, submitted the necessary documents, and within a short time, I received my loan approval. The ability to manage the process online made everything so convenient. I highly recommend Quicken Loans to anyone looking for a reliable mortgage lender.”

However, it is important to acknowledge that there have also been customers who faced challenges during the mortgage process. Some have reported difficulties with the underwriting process, experiencing delays or denials on their refinancing applications. These negative experiences underline the importance of thoroughly understanding the terms and conditions of the mortgage agreement and being prepared for potential setbacks.

“I had a frustrating experience with Quicken Loans when I tried to refinance my home. The underwriting process took longer than expected, and I encountered multiple setbacks along the way. It was a stressful experience that I wouldn’t want to go through again.”

Ultimately, when considering Quicken Loans as a mortgage lender, it is crucial for potential borrowers to carefully evaluate their specific needs and weigh the pros and cons. Conducting thorough research and comparing different lenders can help ensure the best possible experience in obtaining a home loan.

Pros Cons
– Streamlined mortgage process – Potential challenges with underwriting process
– Online application and tracking – Delays or denials on refinancing applications
– Ability to make bi-weekly payments
– Various refinancing options

Other Reviews and Feedback on Quicken Loans

Quicken Loans has garnered a significant amount of attention from customers, leading to a multitude of reviews and feedback across various platforms. These reviews provide valuable insights into the experiences of borrowers who have utilized Quicken Loans’ services, shedding light on different aspects of the mortgage process.

Customers who have left reviews on independent websites and review platforms have shared their thoughts on Quicken Loans’ services. While some customers have expressed satisfaction with the quick and straightforward mortgage process, others have raised concerns about certain aspects of their experience. It is essential to delve into these reviews to gain a comprehensive understanding of Quicken Loans’ reputation and gauge customer satisfaction levels.

Furthermore, customer feedback serves as a valuable resource for potential borrowers to assess the credibility and reliability of Quicken Loans. By reviewing various testimonials, customers can gauge the lender’s performance, customer service, and trustworthiness. This information can aid in making an informed decision when considering Quicken Loans as a mortgage lender.

quicken loans reviews

Testimonials and Ratings Overview

Source Rating Testimonial
Website A 4.5/5 “Quicken Loans provided excellent customer service throughout the entire mortgage process. The loan officer was knowledgeable and always available to answer my questions.”
Review Platform B 3/5 “I had a decent experience with Quicken Loans, but the underwriting process took longer than expected, causing some unnecessary delays.”
Forum C 2.5/5 “My interactions with Quicken Loans were disappointing. The communication was poor, and the loan officer seemed uninterested in helping me.”

These testimonials and ratings provide a snapshot of the diverse experiences customers have had with Quicken Loans. While some customers have praised the lender for their efficient service and knowledgeable loan officers, others have expressed frustration with delays and subpar communication. It is vital for potential borrowers to consider these varied experiences and weigh them against their own unique needs and preferences.


After considering various customer reviews and testimonials, it is evident that Quicken Loans has garnered both positive and negative feedback from its customers. While some customers have shared their satisfaction with the quick and easy mortgage process, informative staff, and accommodating service, others have faced challenges with loan approvals and refinancing setbacks.

As a potential borrower, it is crucial to take these reviews and testimonials into account when evaluating Quicken Loans as a mortgage lender. Consider your own financial situation and needs, and conduct thorough research to ensure the best possible experience in obtaining a home loan.

It is also worth exploring other sources of reviews and feedback on Quicken Loans, such as various websites and platforms, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the company’s reputation and customer satisfaction.

Ultimately, making an informed decision about whether Quicken Loans is the right mortgage lender for you is essential. By carefully considering customer reviews, conducting thorough research, and comparing with other lenders, you can confidently choose the best path to achieving your homeownership goals.


What are some common customer reviews of Quicken Loans?

Quicken Loans has received mixed reviews from customers, with some praising the easy and fast mortgage process, while others have faced difficulties with refinancing and underwriting.

What do customers say about their experience with Quicken Loans?

Customers appreciate the informative and helpful staff, the professionalism and knowledge of loan officers, and the ease of refinancing.

What are some negative experiences reported by customers?

Some customers have faced challenges in getting their desired loan or refinancing, experiencing setbacks and delays in the process.

Does Quicken Loans offer a simplified mortgage process?

Yes, Quicken Loans offers a simplified mortgage process through their online platform called Rocket Mortgage, emphasizing a quick and easy experience.

Are there other sources of reviews and feedback on Quicken Loans?

Yes, various websites and platforms allow customers to leave reviews and ratings, providing additional insight into the company’s reputation.

What should potential borrowers consider when evaluating Quicken Loans?

Potential borrowers should consider customer reviews and testimonials, their personal financial situation and needs, and thoroughly research and compare with other lenders.

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